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Earth Matters, Inc. is a woman-owned DBE certified environmental consulting firm specializing in transportation and air quality policy, livable, sustainable cities, NEPA, climate change, planning, and technical services for regions not attaining air quality health standards. Since its formation in 1995, Earth Matters has become known for innovation and professionalism informed by an unusual depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.

Clients include, or have included, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Transportation, dozens of state, regional, and local air quality and transportation planning agencies, the National Academy of Sciences, private industry, and other federal agencies such as the National Forest Service. Earth Matters has also provided services to international agencies such as U.S. AID.

Earth Matters has offices in Austin, TX and Santa Cruz, CA and provides services all across the U.S

Specialty areas include:

Government Sectors

  • Transportation/Air Quality policy, planning, and modeling
  • Transportation Conformity (strategy, rule interpretation, technical analysis);
  • NEPA Analysis (Air quality portions) and assessment
  • Tracking climate change issues and informing clients of potential strategies to address them
  • Emission inventories for greenhouse gases, ozone precursors and particulate matter
  • Interaction between energy production and electric vehicles
  • Mobile Source Emissions and Control Strategies (MOVEs, EMFAC, I-PLACE3S, INDEX, URBEMIS, and methodologies developed by B. Joy with EPA funding)
  • Land use, transportation and air quality connection;
  • Attainment planning and control strategy development;
  • CMAQ applications, analysis and implementation
  • General conformity;
  • Air quality and emission evaluations and mobile source modeling;
  • Innovative strategies to increase transit, telecommuting, ridesharing, vanpooling,
  • Biking/walking and other alternative modes, and other transportation control strategies); and
  • Cleaner-powered vehicles

Private Sector

  • NEPA Analyses (Air quality portions)
  • PSD and non-attainment NSR permitting
  • MACT, LAER and BACT control strategy development
  • Environmental Impact Reports

General Services

  • Data Mining
  • Proposal and grant applications
  • Public presentations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Develop and provide lively presentations and courses for the public, private companies and elected officials
  • Project management
  • Coalition building
  • Technical writing

Earth Matters is also experienced with evaluation of climate change policies including cap and trade progams, carbon taxes, and fuel efficiency standards.

Earth Matters has four technical staff and one support person.



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Earth Matters' project in the news:

10/1/12, I-85 HOT lanes in Atlanta mark one-year anniversary.

Exactly one year after the toll lanes along I-85 through Gwinnett County opened, they continue to spark debate. Drivers must pay to use the High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes unless they have three or more people in their vehicle.  The toll is determined based on the volume of traffic. The toll lanes sparked controversy when they opened last October.  Many drivers said they refused to pay to use the Interstate since they already pay taxes.  Others said the new lanes increased their commute times in the non-toll lanes.

Earth Matters has been working with the US Department of Transportation under a contract with Battelle to evaluate the impacts of these lanes in 5 cities around the U.S. for a pilot study measuring the before and after impacts on traffic, speeds, safety, environmental and energy use. Study results for some of the cities are under review and will be released to the general public after comments have been responded to.

Since the HOT lanes opened, the state has lowered the toll structure and added another access point

Some data for Atlanta indicates commute times in the non-toll lanes have not gone up and in many cases have declined as more people use the HOT lanes, according to another study by the Reason Foundation.

"If they're in that lane, they're not in the general lane so that's an improved commute for everyone,"


54.5 mpg fuel economy rule finalized

August 28, 2012, Associated Press

The average gas mileage of new cars and trucks will have to nearly double by 2025 under regulations finalized by the Obama administration. The new rules will require the fleet of new cars and trucks to average 54.5 miles per gallon in 13 years, up from 28.6 mpg at the end of last year.

The changes are calculated to save families more than $1.7 trillion in fuel costs and bring an average savings of $8,000 over the lifetime of a new vehicle sold in 2025. The standards also are the biggest step the U.S. government has ever taken toward cutting greenhouse gas emissions, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson said. Tailpipe emissions from cars and light trucks will be halved by 2025, the government said.

Earth Now' available for Android.

Sep 9, 2012

Earth's vital signs in 3-D. NASA's free "Earth-Now" app, now available for Android as well as iPhone, immerses cyber explorers in dazzling visualizations of near-real-time global climate data from NASA's fleet of Earth science satellites, bringing a world of ever-changing climate data to your fingertips.

The regularly updated data are displayed as color maps projected over a 3-D Earth model that can be rotated by a single finger stroke, or zoomed in and out by the pinch or spread of two fingers. Color-coded legends indicate the relative strength or weakness of environmental conditions. Descriptions provide background information on each data set.










Earth Matters' vision is to help create and implement
programs that work. We believe a sense of fun, creativity, and pupose invites stakeholders to approach objectives in fresh ways that can also be more effective.

On a recent assignment, founder Kamala Barbara Joy worked with the National Wildlife Federation for the South Central Office for 15 months assisting with global warming and wildlife resiliency issues, encouraging environmental literacy and education, and water issues. Earth Matters also serves as a subcontractor on projects for the above clients managed by other firms.

Earth Matters' founder and president, Kamala. Barbara Joy has over 26 years of experience in this field and enjoys a national reputation for technical, policy, outreach and management services. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Environmental Economics in 1985 and joined the renowned firm Systems Applications International (SAI) in 1985. By 1990 she was a senior manager and scientist responsible for transportation/air quality programs. In 1995 she formed Earth Matters which has since gained a considerable reputation as a reliable and creative source of services in the environmental field.